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Applications submission is now closed
The scholarship is worth 100% of the tuition fees for 4 years of full-time study. There is 1 scholarship available.

Step 1
Apply to Foundation Programme via (first and second rounds only.) We extended the second round until 4 July 2018!

Step 2
Successfully pass all required entry examinations for Foundation programme, without any additional conditions.

Meet all the academic requirements:
Sufficient level of previous education (high school graduates or higher)

Submit completed scholarship project until Friday 29 June, 17:00

Application deadline: 29 June 2018
Applicants for the scholarship must fulfill the following conditions:

1. A written statement of no less than 500 words in English language demonstrating / explaining:
— How you would benefit from a 4 year scholarship (ie 4 years of free education). / How the programme will help you.
2. A completed presentation (in English) of a 'sustainable community' project [submitted as a presentation in PDF: from 15 up to 25 slides maximum.]

The authors of 3 shortlisted projects will be invited to BHSAD on the 9th of July, 2018 to make a presentation to the Scholarship Panel. The Panel will have the right to ask questions within the tasks of the applicant's research. The final decision will be published no later than on July 11th, 2018.

Sustainable Community Project Brief

Project brief:
We would like to see your creative vision of how you would improve the quality of life within your local neighbourhood (your environment) and local community (people – your family and neighbours) [define local neighbourhood, eg in and around the street that you live in. We would like to see proposals for small things and big things.]

Deliverables: presentation demonstrating – context/existing environment; proposal/s for initiatives that improve the quality of life for the residents living in and around the environment (consider also how this life enhancement could spread to other areas – physically or conceptually; think about sustainability and ease of implementation, we are not looking for a vision /proposals that cost millions, instead we are more interested in achievable, cost effective, simple and/or clever ideas that enhance your community and environment.

Task 1 - research
Explore a range of current social and environmental issues of your community. Identify and do more thorough research of 6 of them. Think about possible action/ actions to address each of them.

As the result, you should have 6 slides with a brief description (bullet-point style) of these problems and possible according actions.

Task 2 - develop
Select 1 issue out of them that you believe has the most potential for further development. Continue your research of this problem and come up with more options and possible solutions (your approach to the issue could be reconsidered as the result of your investigation).

Task 3 - resolve
Consider the most applicable actions and suggest a plan for further steps on how to involve other members of your community and promote your ideas through various channels of communication.

Evidence required: The finished work should contain at least 15 slides.

Submission Instructions: all work should be submitted by e-mail:

  • Your file must be named in English, using the following file name convention: surname first name scholarship application, for example: smith anna scholarship application.
  • All documentation must be submitted as a PPT or PDF format. PSD, PSB, TIFF and RAW files will not be accepted.
  • If the work is selected, the applicant must be available for presentation of it to the Scholarship Panel on July 9th, 2018 - with an option to do it by Skype

Important: Please note that all work must be your own. Any entries discovered to be the work of others will be disqualified if discovered before an award is made. If cheating is discovered after the award, the school may remove any funding award. The panel's decision will be final.

All applicants must apply to Foundation Programme via and meet all the academic requirements such as:
- Sufficient level of previous education (high school graduates or higher);
- Successfully pass all required entry examinations for Foundation programme.

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